Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Cabin Crew Journey..

Being a cabin crew is not easy as many would think of. Its not just a glamorous job, wearing a 'kebaya',put on a make-up and pull the trolley bag. It' more than that, dude.. Before being certified as a cabin crew,we must undergo a full basic training in the academy for 4 months.

We were trained on knowledge of grooming, food & beverage handling, aircraft safety & procedures and the most importantly is the First Aid. Cabin crew is there on the plane to ensure everybody safety and safe people's life. It's not like what you may think, serving coffee or tea only.

I can proudly say been part of cabin crew is awesome!! It's been a wonderful journey for me. It is very important for a cabin crew to be able to mix around among the crew members, customers and adapt with new and different environment.

Being friendly, courteous, sincere are the key words to succeed in these airlines industry. With good personality, knowledgeable, punctual and maintain a good discipline, you will be adore by many people. Trust me on this..


  1. Hello dear,

    Be aero-girl is really cool profession, many trips and fun as well, why not?

    I wish you success and peace for you

  2. Hi, Isha Shiri. Thanks for visiting my site. Great day for you.