Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My very first visit to South Africa on 2006 was amazing. I was stunt by the scenery of Table Mountain along the way from the airport to the hotel where we stayed.

The first thing i did after check-in, was to get the delicious Nandos Chicken. The spice of the chicken taste good. Then goes with the creamy soup and butter-roll..yummy!!

On the next day, i went for a whole-day tour with other crew members. We were taken to all the beautiful places around Capetown. The most unforgettable memories when we got to step on the Cape of Good Hope. With the background of Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.., you will never get this experience anywhere else.

There's a lot more to share but its good if you guys could see how beautiful it is Capetown. The foods, places and cultures are if you plan to go for holidays, i would suggest Capetown is the best.