Monday, November 8, 2010

Safety Comes 1st..

It was 8am when i was preparing breakfast for my husband before he leave to work. Suddenly i heard my neighbour's kid was vomitting in pain..i thought it was nothing at first.

After awhile, i heard the mother was crying and keep calling her son name..then i realise that she is in trouble with her kid. Knowing that she's alone because her husband is travelling, i quickly ran up to upper floor to have a look on her.

As i entered the house, i saw my neigbour's son was chocking and trying to vomit. Without delay a second, i quickly grab her son and put him on my lap. Then i gave him a few back blow before a 50 cent coin actually came out from his mouth.

Her mother was crying and thankful to me for saving her son's life. I just couldn't imagine a 3 years old kid accidently swallow a 50 cent coin.

I was lucky to have a few basic of 1st aid knowledge and thanks to my previous working experienced. Its worth when you are able to save someone life.

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